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Consulting Subscriptions

 Now you can Relax. We are here to help. 

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Consulting Subscriptions

State your requirements, name your price
and submit.  Easy stuff. 

Value and Details

The world has changed. Have you?  Time to adapt!

Competition is Old School: Fees up to $61,533+ monthly or $125/hr - $355/hr

per resource. An associate partner with a BIG 5 firm cost up to $13,000 per day.

Our Value: Switch to spgFix LLC! For one fixed price, access our entire company's expertise on-demand, not just one consultant. With spgFix, experience a 69% - 87% cost savings and unmatched value. We continuously earn your trust, task by task, all under a risk-free monthly subscription. See why large corporations took time out of their day to share the value they received.  Review our Testimonials

Top Executives swear by our insights. Join the elite and elevate your strategies.

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How It Works

The world has changed. Have you?  Time to adapt!

At spgFix LLC, the subscriptions revolve around our core services: turnaround strategies, project and delivery performance management, and adhoc sales, profits and growth solutions. We address each request with meticulous attention, aiming to deliver top-quality items consistently to every customer. Subscribe for immediate access to our services.

Best-fit Customer Types

  • Startups | Small Businesses

       Fast Setup |  Rapid Growth | On-demand Expertise at a great value  

  • Large Enterprise Companies

       On-demand consulting expertise | Feedback Strategies | Decisions

  • Venture Capitalists | Angels:  Protect Investments in Startups       

  • Large Consulting Firms (i.e. Big 5 style)

       Partner for lower cost / niche solutions assistance

Benefits to Enjoy 

Discover the Transformative Advantages with Our Management Consultancy Services

  • Expert Insights

  • Customized Strategies

  • Operational Excellence

  • Innovative Solutions

  • Sustainable Growth

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No Contracts


Monthly Subscription


 Pause or Cancel - 10 Days Notice 

Name your own price spgFix LLC management consulting services


Fortune 100 Quality Expertise


Breadth of Industries 


Proven Track Record

Let's Get Started 

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Subscription Plans - Our Services

QUESTIONS? ... Call or Text Us 206-538-3653. Let's figure it out together.

Call to Discuss.

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Consulting Subscription

spgFix LLC offers unmatched value through our subscription. You can request one consulting item every two business days, provided you have no outstanding items. You have the flexibility to pause or cancel your subscription at any time. To ensure you aren't billed for the upcoming month, please pause or cancel a minimum of 10 days before the current month concludes. If you opt to pause, we'll honor your current rate. Additionally, we operate on a no-contract basis.                  NDA available upon request.           

ACH: 5% Savings 

State your requirements, name your price and submit.  Easy stuff. 

Call or Text 206-538-3653


Add-on: Consulting Subscription

The Add-on enables one additional consulting item to be requested and worked at the same time. Limited to a maximum of two items in progress.  

The 48-hour window is not implemented when the Add-on is applied.   


Active Consulting Subscription - Monthly

ACH: 5% Savings 

State your requirements, name your price and submit.  Easy stuff. 


Newsletter Subscription

Stay Ahead in Business: Subscribe to our monthly newsletter from a leading management consulting firm. Gain insights on pivotal industry trends, market shifts, and global events. Elevate your strategy and harness the knowledge trusted by global leaders. Transform information into your advantage today.

Disclaimer:   spgFix LLC is not liable for any decisions made based on the information provided. Use at your own discretion.  By acquiring one of spgFix LLC subscription services, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree with the posted terms and conditions for its use, as well as the refund and cancellation policy. 

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Own Your Future - Get it Today.  Subscribe 

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