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Strategic Move - Hire spgFix Consultancy

One of the most strategic plays a company can make is to stay focused on their core revenue generating offerings and outsource the rest.

When to bring in spgFix LLC

  1.  Your company has a problem that can’t be solved with internal resources. This may be due to bandwidth constraints,       lack of internal expertise or the problem is outside the company’s core focus.

  2.  Business problems that are pressing, complicated and are accumulating.

  3.  Opportunity to have an immediate impact on your bottom line by getting additional help.

  4.  spgFix as a consultancy encounters many industries, business leaders and business problems. This expertise is capable of removing obstacles swiftly.

  5.  spgFix is solving critical business problems up to 75% faster with its revolutionary snap-together business modules and   best known methods for implementing instrumental business processes.

About spgFix LLC Services
Subscriptions, Short and Long-Term Engagements 

Welcome to spgFix LLC, the leading provider of reusable and component-based snap-together business modules. Our company is paving the way to the future. We are a team of like-minded and determined individuals, all sharing a vision for success. Our sophisticated capabilities are derived from spgFix best known methods and recipe style implementations. The spgFix snap-together business modules are becoming an industry sensation. We merely place our proven business processes side-by-side with selected problem areas that are underperforming. This immediately isolates what needs to be adjusted, fixed, or replaced. It's really that simple. The center of any business success will always begin with its people. The primary driver for how business decisions are made pass through the interpretation of our emotions in these interactions. spgFix takes the time to understand, incorporate and implement aspects that influence human behavior into everything we do. Would you like to find out more? Explore our service offerings today.

Turnaround Strategies | Gap Analysis | Alignment

At times, an organization or its stakeholders reach that point in the road for an endeavor, where things are just not going your way, costs are piling up and your budget is running out. It feels like you can't move forward, backwards, or even to the sides, without creating more damage.


These incidents may present themselves during a company merger, the integration of two or more teams with their deliverables, a recently implemented reorg, or even changing out people in leadership, which means your direction has also just changed. What is missing? spgFix will help get the ball rolling again when you are stuck and don't know what your next move will be. We will analyze the current situation, key decisions that were made and why, digest the tasks that are being asked, recommend the actions required to get on path and analyze the results for ongoing improvement.

Parking Lot
Working Together on Project

Project | Delivery Management | Performance 

Project Managers, Delivery Managers and Scrums are amazing resources to have engaged on your project, its initiatives, business objectives, funding needs, releases and their interaction with each and every stakeholder utilized from conception to launch. If this seems like a lot of work for one Project or Delivery Manager to endure, wait there is more.


They also have to add in conditions for risks, internal and external dependencies and the potential impacts they may present. Yes, they work tirelessly and get very little sleep. It doesn't have to be this way. What is missing? spgFix will monitor the overall project's performance, status, milestones, internal and external dependencies and their potential risks and impacts. Its critical to have access to predictive analysis and forecasted cause and effect relationships for the project.


There is a significant value in being on the ball. No one wants to be in the situation of discovering 4 days prior to a release, that the project will slip and you will have to announce that more funding will be required.

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