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About Us

Innovators. Dreamers.

spgFix LLC is a leading provider of cutting-edge recipe style process sets, business modules, AI technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for companies of all sizes. We understand that starting from scratch to solve each and every challenge is unproductive, unnecessary and would significantly increase the overall billing hours for our projects.


Our customers are saving time, money and avoiding long drawn out projects that host uncertainty. spgFix is able to engage and apply solutions without impacting or disrupting current operations. 

The letters spg in spgFix stands for Sales, Profits and Growth. 

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Navigating in Woods

Our Story

Trials, Triumphs and Empathy

Founded in 2018, our story begins with our CEO and the experiences in his life that has spgFix LLC stating a mission for helping entrepreneurs, large entities and our surrounding communities. We pledge 25% of our total net income to rekindling the dreams of the less fortunate — ensuring no child goes hungry, every individual feels the warmth of clothing, and young hearts cherish the joy of toys.

CEO Story - Lowell Sandoval      CEO BIO

From Bothell's country to the Boardroom: A Life Sculpted by

Trials, Triumphs and Empathy


In the heart of Bothell, Washington, spread across eighty acres of lush land, I found my childhood playground. Three ponds mirrored the skies, and the surroundings echoed tales reminiscent of Tom Sawyer. This paradise, however, had its dark corners. The looming shadows of a flawed education system and prevalent violence cast a grey hue over my young life. It was a dire threat to my life during my middle school years that led my parents to decide on a safer environment and better education for me.

My parents weren’t just my protectors; they were my earliest inspirations. With an entrepreneurial spirit, my father championed a unique meat business and held exclusive rights to an innovative meat tenderizer. Memories of being an eight-year-old, showcasing this marvel alongside him at the buzzing Kingdome, remain etched in my heart. 

My mother carved her niche as the first woman in the Washington State's Chef's Association, a testament to her trailblazing spirit. Together, they infused the airwaves with their culinary passion through a TV show. The foundational principle my father gifted me with was straightforward – "Whatever you undertake, do it with absolute dedication and integrity.”

However, life's lessons weren't confined to the morals imparted by my parents. Relocating from Bothell to Seattle, and eventually settling in Mercer Island, we faced new battles. ​

Tragedy struck during my high school junior year. My father, in a losing battle with illness, departed from our world, leaving an emotional and financial abyss. With the sudden loss of our home, the family business, and funds plunging into scarcity, I set out to California with only $200 and my dad's van to my name. Survival took me to unexpected places, from nights in the van to jumping a fence to sneak in early morning showers at the college pool. Fortune smiled, albeit briefly, when I captured a job at a burger joint by letting the owner know I was hungry, and the kindness of an elderly couple offering shelter even though my pay check was two weeks away gave me a glimmer of hope.

Yet, life's roller-coaster was far from over. A debilitating illness later in life stripped me of the ability to work, plunging me back into the depths of financial despair. Homelessness once again reared its ugly head, but the compassion of kind-hearted people lit our path through the darkest hours.

Reflecting on my journey today, it’s a mosaic of highs and lows, of challenges met and battles won, underpinned by resilience, faith, and sheer grit. From affluence to hunger, from the depths of despair to the peaks of triumph, the kaleidoscope of my experiences is both a testament to the enduring human spirit and a beacon for those navigating their own storms. No matter the adversities, with determination and kindness of others, we can indeed reshape our destinies.

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