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spgFix consultants come from Fortune 500 corporations and entrepreneurial fast growing market segments.  Each consultant has been employed by a startup firm in their career and knows what it takes to get them off the ground. 


Finally there is a champion for the business owners and stock holders. We serve small businesses up to the Fortune 100 organization.  We are ready to help. 


Our expertise is driving business profitability from its core, the people.  We enable results by having a laser focus on improving client retention, employee retention, productivity and increasing sales closure rates.   


We are the fresh eyes that takes the complex and simplifies it.  Companies care about solving their business problems. They are not interested in technology acronyms, cool features, extensive timelines or complex explanations.  They are consumed with addressing margins, sales and costs.  Simple is in and complex is out.

     Q  1:  Are you losing clients and don't know why?

     Q 2: Do your employees feel unmotivated, under-valued, not empowered

              or unhappy?

     Q 3: Need help stating how your product or service will solve their problem?

     Q 4: Are you tired of expensive long drawn out solutions that can't be

              explained or understood?

     Q 5: Are you stuck and don't know where to go from here?

If you said Yes, then contact us and we will be your next step forward. 

Who Are We?  


     Experienced, simple and down to business.

spgFix Principals helped...

Mobile:  Carrier / Apps / Hardware


T-Mobile    Verizon Wireless    Google



 Alaska   Virgin America   Horizon


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


xPatterns   Ategio   Azimyth


Semiconductors & Hardware Servers


Intel         IBM


Software / Enterprise Solutions


Oracle    Microsoft    Xerox


Logistics / Supply Chain




Aerospace / Manufacturing


Korry Electronics (Esterline)


Security / Automation Systems


ADT Security Services


Home Improvement / Retail


Sears      Enveletters


ISP / Television & Internet


Comcast / Xfinity