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Corporations and businesses
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At The Agency we take creativity to the next level.

spgFix is a revolutionary way to fix and tune businesses so you can focus on your core, making money. 


We have taken a proven concept from the software world. It was discovered that about 80% of software code is reusable. Only 15%-20% was the secret sauce, product or service specific ingredients and difference. By keeping and componentizing this code, the need to reinvent the wheel from scratch was a thing of the past. Why is this important? It enabled new software products to be released to market in half the time at a significant cost savings.  In turn, resulting in higher profit margins and growth.  


So why do businesses still have to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch when it comes to solving business problems that address sales declines, productivity and market share?  We didn't get it either, so we fixed it.   


Why Companies Ask For Us                                                                                             

They enjoy our simple and down to business approach. spgFix Snap-Together business modules get results up to 75% faster than previously possible. How?  We don't reinvent the wheel each and every time. Businesses care about fixing their business problems. They are not interested in complex solutions, technology acronyms, cool features or extensive timelines. They are consumed with addressing margins, sales and costs.  

Two key mass market problems.

1)  Find Best-Fit Clients and Keep Them

  • Existing clients spend on average 33% more during each visit than new clients

  • Increasing client retention by 5% can grow a company's profitability by 75%

  • Existing clients provide word-of-mouth & referrals resulting in more revenue

  • It costs 5 times more to acquire a new client than to retain an existing client

2)  Increase Employee Productivity and Morale


  •  Loss of an employee costs a company up to 200% of their annual salary

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