Behaviorial Science - Advantage

What We D0 



Create easy to use, step-by-step solutions that quickly resolve business problems without disruption.

What We Do

We deliver sales consulting and spgFix Online Mgmt Services through our understanding of human instincts, needs and emotional triggers.  Our team of experts are driving business profitability from its core, the people.  A company's profitability will be enabled once the right chemical balance between your employees and customers is discovered, implemented, improved upon and maintained.  


Imagine...  What will you do with all that extra money, once we put the odds in your favor?


Our objective is to guide and enhance the motivation, drive and behavior for customers and employees.  We help set the stage for what, how and when purchasing decisions are made.

By strategically arousing certain emotional triggers in people, we can direct and entice new shoppers to purchase, existing customers to buy more items per visit and spotlight the products and services that contain the greatest profit margins.


This simple and easy to use business model design initiates arousal in the human brain and then triggers a behavioral change as we satisfy the purchasers’ instinctual needs.  We are matching a winning recipe in science to quality products and services.  This is a revolutionary quick and easy 4 step system that delivers real results.

Think Tank - Strategy

  • People, products and process

  • Bring the vision to life

  • Position products and services

  • Create corporate image

  • Build a business plan

  • Formulate marketing strategy

  • Determine costs and sales margins

  • Evaluate technology for make or buy


Market Share & Needs

  • Evaluate products and services - viability

  • Analyze the market need

  • Pricing model

  • Distribution channels

  • Research reports and data

  • Niche focus

  • Market size and territory

People - Human Touch

  • Client and employee retention - Loyalty

  • Buying drivers by target client - Market

  • Motivate with positioing and benefits

  • Sales training - relationships, closing techniques

  • Work on sales engagements

  • Close sales deals

  • Workshops - privately held at client location

  • Seminars - Building Tomorrow's Profitability