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Bob Adams, MPM
Managing Principal Consultant at i360 Consultants 

     "I have now worked closely with Lowell for over 14 years, in various executive roles and dealing with a wide range of complex business situations. I value his commitment, strategic views, and his ability to be highly flexible regarding getting the right things done to meet client expectations. Lowell can be very creative in providing effective, real world solutions. He delivers on his promises - keeping the big picture within focus."

Beth Gold
CEO and Founder at Enveletters.com

     "In the time I have been working with Lowell, it has been an exciting, insightful, productive, and provocative process. He has great ideas and is incredibly knowledgeable on many different topics in a very wide variety of industries and applications. Lowell is professional and meticulous in the process of helping people to move forward with their ideas, so that they are more than just good ideas, in terms of achieving results and reaching goals that were discussed at the outset of the project.


     Lowell is committed to his clients and works tirelessly in many arenas to move a company forward, bring ideas to fruition, and does the necessary research to make sure he has as much knowledge as possible to make the business a successful endeavor. I highly recommend Lowell Sandoval to partner with you or your business because he can help you in so many ways, with his multitude of talents and strengths."

Michael Taylor
Supply Chain Manager at Vuapell

     "I had the pleasure of working with Lowell on several occasions. Lowell is passionate about his work and always strives for the best. He is professional in his approach and delivers above expectations all the time. He brings a sense of enthusiasm that is contagious and helps motivate others to strive for excellence. He is very strong in analyzing and understanding complex problems and providing real solutions."

Ryan McClellan
CEO at iLookin

     "Lowell has only recently come into my life, but I do feel the need to make a recommendation, as though sometimes even new relationships can be ones worth talking about. 

     Lowell has shown me the definition of "businessman" in the sense that, a good boundary between "morals", "ethics", and "business" is always incorporated when I speak with him. This is rare in a person, let alone someone of his status. 

     I would recommend him, his services, and his developments to the highest of standards. Without him, I do not know how far I would be able to go. WITH him, I have a strong feeling that I can both better myself through his experience, as well as form a Fortune 500 company under his guidance. 

I thank him for the opportunity to work with him."

Ed Litzinger
President at Tile Pro Roofing, Inc. 

     "Tile Pro is very pleased with Lowell and his team's work. We are thankful for all of the hard work they have done. The hard work paid off. Their team combined the ideal amount of style and information needed to capture customers' interests. Lowell guided our way, from creating the image that was in our heads to the reality of implementing our corporate vision."

Robert Bismuth
Chairman at Physician Information Systems, Inc.

     "Lowell worked in our marketing group and drove a number of initiatives for us. He was extremely creative and possesses a mission orientation to whatever tasks he undertook. He always maintained a high energy, positive attitude towards his work and was well liked by all his coworkers. 

     I would not hesitate to employ Lowell in a similar role, either as an internal employee or a consultant. He is someone who could take a somewhat vague assignment, work out what needed to be done and deliver an excellent result in a surprisingly short amount of time."

Shannon Vanderford
Area Vice President at Zones, Inc.

     "Lowell has the rare ability to come into an environment filled with complexity and confusion and very quickly identify the most expedient path to resolution. Once a plan has been identified Lowell has the additional skill sets to execute on that plan. It was a pleasure to work with him.."

Jonathon George 
Senior Operations at FedEx Ground

     "I had the pleasure to work with Lowell at FedEx. I was impressed 
with his well rounded business expertise, customer focus and 
use of technology. He was always available to help.


     Lowell has an ability to uncover and fix unknown issues that had significant impact on our operations and efficiency. Things just run better when he is nearby. Very talented person. I recommend him with complete confidence."

Guy Hollingbury
Director, Enterprise Technology Services at State Board       for Community and Technical Colleges

     "I worked with Lowell in a business intelligence technology startup and highly endorse his marketing savvy and his ability to find fresh approaches to launch products."

Deborah Lester
Director, Information Services  
Korry Electronics, An Esterline Company

     "Working with Lowell and his personnel was a great experience.  They are competent and possess fine interpersonal skills. They met and exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend their services.  Working with them was a pleasure."

Celeste M. Tyree
President and Founder  
A Better Fundraiser, Inc.

     "We needed the expertise of an experienced marketing firm to review our Business Plan.  Lowell's team was the company we selected. They critiqued our business plan, we implemented all of the valuable suggestions they made and were prepared to present our business plan to Angel Investors. We will move forward with confidence, thanks to their assistance."