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Get Results 75% Faster:

- Sales Infrastructure

- Marketing Plan

- Business Plan

- Cash Flow / Burn Rate

- Expense Projections

- Guide Prototype Builds

- Test Prior Assumptions

Startups, Small-to-Medium or Enterprise Businesses  

Need an expert's help?   Decided waiting for 6-8 weeks is unproductive?

You are at the right place.  We get it done in a fraction of the time.    

4. Test Plans - Performance

     5. KPI Metric Dashboard



1. Review Product | Prototypes 

2. Analyze Prior Assumptions

3. Create Customer Stories

spgFix experts parachute in, diagnose, quickly fix and catapult business

performance into the right direction.  

1. Business Plan - Starter

2. Marketing Plan - Starter

3. Cash Flow / Burn Rate

 4. Budget / Liabilities       5. Expense Projections



This is a fantastic package for firms

that are new or in startup mode. A

clean slate to get you going. 

Solutions -   Call for Details

      Quarterly Checkup                         Flat Fee

      Based on complexity   


Hourly Rates Available

Based on expertise | complexity

 Consultation @ reduced hourly rate 

spgFix experts perform checkups on previously provided spgFix services. Hourly consulting rates are available.  

A-La-Carte Product Pricing Options - Need help with only one or more areas? 

We have you covered.  All products are available A-La-Carte.

- Business Plan Eval | Create

- Marketing Plan Eval | Create

- Cash Flow | Burn Rate

- Expense Projections

- Budget | Liabilities


- Setup | Eval Sales Infrastructure

- Sales Closure Rates

- Best-Fit Clients Isolate

- Solution Case Studies

- KPI Metric | Snapshots

- Review Products | Prototypes

- Analyze Prior Assumptions

- Create Customer Stories

- Test Plans | Performance

- KPI Metric | Dashboard

Gold, Silver and Standard Products.

A-La-Carte Pricing -   Call for Details

We knew there must be a better way.  spgFix is proud to announce our product offers.   

Disclaimer: Pricing, Products and Services   

The enclosed pricing, products, services and their deliverables are being represented here with the sole intention of enabling our clients to approximate and budget for the acquisition costs of any one or more products or services. Price will likely vary on a case by case basis due to travel expenses, taxes and other unforeseen expenditures that may arise during the sales process. Exact pricing will be determined by defining the scope of your project prior to asking for a commitment or payment.

Solutions -   Call for Details