Yes,   even...

well-known, strong, world changing leaders have mentors & seek help

Business ProblemsWe feel your pain.

Makes sense to hire us when...

1)  Collapse in sales revenues  

2)  Abysmal sales closing rates


3)  Lack of internal sales experience 

4)  Sales reporting is too time consuming 

5)  Sales Structure or System is absent

   - Detail how to make money

   - Define sales compensation structure

   - Layout customer stories and solution scenarios 

   - Training tools for repeatable excellence

6)  Expanding into new markets, territories and regions

7)  Tracking info about your customers 

8)  Add behavioral incentives in to the sales process

9)  Focus on core business and deliver superior value

10)  Keep clients and employees from leaving

Quote:   “Insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

                   … Albert Einstein

Think Tank - Strategy

  • People, products and process

  • Bring the vision to life

  • Position products and services

  • Create corporate image

  • Build a business plan

  • Formulate marketing strategy

  • Determine costs and sales margins

  • Evaluate technology for make or buy


Market Share & Needs

  • Evaluate products and services - viability

  • Analyze the market need

  • Pricing model

  • Distribution channels

  • Research reports and data

  • Niche focus

  • Market size and territory

People - Human Touch

  • Client and employee retention - Loyalty

  • Buying drivers by target client - Market

  • Motivate with positioing and benefits

  • Sales training - relationships, closing techniques

  • Work on sales engagements

  • Close sales deals

  • Workshops - privately held at client location

  • Seminars - Building Tomorrow's Profitability