Our Leadership



Lowell Sandoval:
  • Chief Executive Officer: Headquarters


Life is an experience in every aspect of our existance.  In business and in our personal lives we seek those rare superior experiences that draw upon our raw emotions revealing to us our meaning, our purpose, at that moment in time. These are experiences that will be remembered. Beyond that, nothing else matters.  Clients and employees demand such experiences. 
Lowell has leveraged his rich and wide breadth of life and business experiences to further examine why people make varying decisions, in specific environments, under unique emotional states of mind.  Over decades of research and observation, he isolated a unique recipe of understanding for what motivates and drives humans day by day.  
The secret resides in addressing the subconsious raw elements of a person's mind. The elements of "innate" uncontrolled instinctual thought.  The foundation below right and wrong, societies rules, acceptance, ethics, morals and even fitting in with the group. This is the primary layer of the mind that exist before being subjected to behavioral conditioning. Lowell drives business improvement through the understanding of human instincts, needs and emotional triggers.
Lowell's expertise has been sought by an extensive list of well known firms such as; Comcast, Sears, Intel, Microsoft, Air France, Marriott, ADT Security, IBM and others.


Ann Tu:
  • Chief Operations Officer: Headquarters


Psychology is the basis for understanding how the mind interacts with our surroundings. This perception forms our society and its cultural infrastructure.
Ann has been intrigued about how cultures are formed and the environmental as well as societal pressures that guide their development.  She is a graduate of the University of Connecticut, achieving a Bachelors degree in Psychology.   
Ann's expertise over the years spanned across the fields of technology, hospitality and consulting services.  She has served firms such as; Microsoft, Marriott, Xerox and others.


Michael Taylor:
  • Vice President, Supply Chain: Headquarters
In today's highly competitive global markets, inefficiency, waste and marginal performance is simply not acceptable. Increasing price and performance pressures by an increasingly demanding customer base, combined with uncertainty in the economy make today's businesses climate truly remarkable.
Companies face a myriad of complex issues today. Our team of highly experienced practitioners can sift through all of the detail and rise above the fire fighting and identify the major roadblocks to improved performance. We will identify the key issues and provide you with detailed actionable plans and project management to drive the needed changes within acceptable time-lines and budgetary constraints.
Michael's expertise has served Korry Electronics (An Esterline firm- Aerospace) , VisionCompass and Vaupell. He has served on the national manufacturing APICS Board and noted by the Havard Business Review as a top expert in his field.