Sales Executive

  • Washington, Oregon, California


Start Date: Immediate (desired)
Requirements: College Degree or Equivalent Experience
Company:  spgFix
Compensation: N/A
Location: Greater Region of... Seattle, Portland, San Francisco
Travel: Limited to local area of representative. Flexibility to sell outside region.

Career Description:
The responsibilities for the Sales Executive / Representative is to hunt for sales opportunities, become a lead generation (motivator) expert and to close deals. Our organization will support you by locating target prospects and provide you with the buying drivers.


This position can make you quite wealthy if you are driven, dedicated, organized, concise, can pitch, professional attitude, able to build connections and long lasting relationships. We don't cut corners or promise things we can't deliver. The key to our success is being a Customer-Centric company that delivers Superior Customer Experiences. Our firm is seeking talented people that can help us grow into an international brand. 


Sales Executives that help us move to that next level will be rewarded with financial appreciation, and with the opportunity to move up in the organization. 

How is this position different from other sales positions out there? 
We value our personnel, show complete respect for their expertise, help our representatives close deals, support and remove obstacles, enable amazing incomes and growth. Many organizations are now placing a lot of operational responsibilities on their sales teams. The last thing a true hunter wants to do is paperwork and follow up after the sale has already been made. True hunters want more sales. Our firm wants you to be hunting and selling, not hanging out in the office doing paperwork. The more money you make, the more money our company makes and the more companies we can help.

ABOUT spgFix:
Our business consulting organization provides Client and Employee Retention solutions that drive business profitability out of the red (loss) into the black (profitable). These key problems are two of the biggest and fastest growing global business problems of today. We offer a great value, affordable pricing and a superior customer experience to small businesses thru the Fortune 100 companies.

We strengthen Customer and Employee Retention. It costs 5 times more to get a new client than retain existing clients. Existing clients spend on average 33% more during each visit than new clients. Existing clients provide word of mouth and referrals resulting in more revenue and profits. Losing an employee costs you up to 200% of their annual salary (Source: Wall Street Journal).

Sales Candidates, Steps to Follow:
 First, e-mail your resume to
Second, review our products located on the Website. If you have a question, you may send it to us via our career page.  Please do not call until your resume has been received. 

Office: 206-497-8938
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We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.